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Deceased Estate Waste Removal

Call Matt now for a free quote. With 10+ years experience in the rubbish removal industry, our team have tackled every sort of waste removal job imaginable, both big and small. We’re known for offering up-front pricing, getting the job done, and doing the right thing by you the customer. However, we understand that some jobs require sensitivity and a little more planning, and deceased estate waste removal is one of these.

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When a loved one passes away, family members may be responsible for removing all of the belongings from the home and preparing it to list for sale. The process of cleaning and packing up the belongings as well as of making the home ready to list on the market for sale can both create a considerable amount of waste. Curbside garbage services may take away a portion of the trash that is generated through this process. However, there may be some items that they will not take due to size, weight or other factors. There may also simply be too much trash for the normal council curbside service to remove over the course of a single visit to the home. With this in mind, you may need to use Same-Day Rubbish Removal in Sydney for all of your junk removal needs. We provide local residents with a fast, affordable and convenient way to remove junk and debris from their property.


Sorting Through the Belongings

As a first step in cleaning the home, you will need to go through all of the items in the deceased estate. This may be a process that you complete with other members of the family. You or others may have a sentimental attachment to or a functional need for some of the items in the home, and each person may decide to take some of the belongings home with them. Other items may have significant financial value, and you may need to have them appraised and sold for a profit. In addition, there may be some items that simply have no financial value. Some of the belongings, such as old clothing and shoes, may be donated to a charity. The other items may need to be thrown away. You can make a pile of rubbish for professionals to remove. 


Preparing the Home for Sale 

After all of the belongings have been removed from the home, you can then begin to prepare the home to list for sale. In some cases, you may simply clean the home. However, in many cases, there may be smaller make-ready projects that need to be completed. This may include painting the walls and replacing some trim pieces that have been damaged. It may also include more significant projects that could improve the value or increase the appeal of the home. For example, the flooring may need to be replaced, or the cabinetry in the bathrooms may need to be updated. These types of projects can generate more rubbish and debris that will need to be removed from the home. 

Any Items of Any Size

There can be all sorts of items put aside for rubbish removal in deceased estates. In some jobs that our team is called out to most of the items that have been put aside are large old pieces of furniture, as the family has all the furniture they need and the furniture left by their loved one is well worn and in need of replacement. Worn out furniture items include couches, tables, chairs, beds/mattresses, display cabinets, etc. In other cases, the rubbish that needs to be collected includes a heap of smaller items, particularly when the family isn’t sentimental and just wants to get the house cleaned up for sale. Some of the smaller items include old appliances, old crockery and cutlery sets, books, magazines, clothing, linen, etc. There’s no item too hard for our team to remove for you, we can take away just about anything!

You could try to haul away the trash on your own, or you could place smaller amounts of waste outside for curbside pick-up each week. This can take a lot of time and effort to complete on your own, and the faster, easier option is to call Same-Day Rubbish Removal and get the professionals to do the heavy lifting. We provide service throughout the Sydney area from the Eastern Suburbs to Greater Western Sydney, and we can give you a competitive quote for our services when you call our office today.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clean out and take everything away from a deceased estate the Same-Day?

We sure can. Wherever you are located in Sydney, our experienced team can come to you on the Same-Day you call and we'll have everything taken away.

Can you remove large appliances and furniture?

Yes. Our trucks are designed for hauling large amounts of rubbish of all shapes and sizes. If you need anything taken away from your property, our team can do it.

Do you recycle all rubbish collected?

We take any recyclable materials to local recycling centres. Unfortunately not all waste material can be recycled, but whenever possible, we'll make sure that your unwanted items are recycled.

How much does a deceased estate cleanup cost?

We quote every job individually so that you don't pay more than necessary. We know it can be a tough time cleaning out a deceased estate, and we don't like to add to the pain by over charging. Call us for a great value quote.

Why should I choose you?

At Same-Day Rubbish Removal we offer the fastest, easiest and cheapest rubbish removal service in all of Sydney no matter what items you need disposed of. Our customers love our great prices and fast service and we're sure that you'll love it too.


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"Best service ever. Peter looked after me with the price because of my situation. I cannot recommended enough. Thank you so much 10/10, couldn't be happier."

- Ian Gower, Sydney

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