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How Much Do You Know About
Australia's Waste Problem?

We found the answers that some people gave Craig in the War On Waste regarding rubbish statistics quite interesting, and wondered how we would have answered before hearing the stats. We've put together a short quiz so you can see how you would have gone if asked, or if you've already heard/looked at the stats you can test your memory!

  1. How long does it take Australians households to throw out 1 tonne of plastic waste?

    Rubbish Footprint

  2. How many plastic straws are thrown out in Australia every year?

    Straws Found Littered

  3. Of the billion plastic bottles bought in Australia every year, approximately how many are recycled?

    Range of Plastic Water Bottles

  4. How long does it take Australians to throw out 6 tonnes of clothing?

    Fast Fashion Waste

  5. How long does it take Australians to throw away 100,000 coffee cups?

    Coffee Cups

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If you'd like to see detailed statistics about waste in Australia, check out our War On Waste statistics page, or click on one of the infographic links below.

War On Waste Infographic StatisticsRubbish Removal Sydney Infographic Statistics

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